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Q.  Why is the Teamsters Union trying to organize us?

A.  The Teamsters Union never tries to organize a group of employees unless the employees themselves express an interest in joining the Union.  A number of employees approached the Union and asked us to be your collective bargaining representative.

Q. How would a Union become our collective bargaining representative?

A.  If at least 30% of the employees sign authorization cards, a petition can be filed with the Labor Board for a presentation election.  But a majority of those voting (50% + 1 vote) must vote for Union representation before a Union can become the collective bargaining representative.

Q.  Why should I be interested in the Teamsters Union?

A.  The Teamsters union believes that all working people are entitled to decent wages which enable an adequate standard of living, job security, and dignity on the job.  No employee should have to put up with unfair treatment or unsafe working conditions.  The Teamsters Union does not tell your Employer how to run the organization, only how employees should be treated - with dignity and respect.

Q.  Isn't the Teamsters union a truck drivers union?

A.  The Teamsters Union orginally began as a truck drivers unon.  Today, only about 15% of over 1.5 million members are truck drivers.  The majority of Teamster members are in every walk of life - in every industrial, business, service, municipal and casino sector.

Q.  What are the initiation fees and dues?

A.  There are no initiation fees.  You start paying dues only after negotiations and after a contract has been approved and ratified by the EMPLOYEES.  The formula used for paying dues once each month is two and a half times the hourly rate + $4.00.  For example:  $13.00/hr x 2.5 + $4.00 = $30.00 per month.

Q.  What about strikes?

A.  The Union cannot force employees to go on strike.  In fact, the Teamsters Union does not advocate strikes.  More than 97% of all Teamster contracts are negotiated without a strike.  Furthermore, it takes a 2/3 majority vote by the EMPLOYEES before you go on strike.

Q.  Why should I join the Teamsters Union?

A.  Alone, you do not have the strength to negotiate with your employer in order to improve your wages and working conditions.  But together, you gain the collective strength to make your Employer listen to your grievances and suggestions.  With the Teamsters Union behind you, you gain strength at the negotiating table to put employer promises in writing and make them live up to those promises.

Q.  What do I get out of the Teamsters Union?

A.  You gain experienced negotiators; expert representation to intercede on your behalf; economic aid; legal and research services; and the support of over 1.5 million Teamster members.

Q.  Who runs the Teamsters Union?

A.  YOU do!  You have the vote that brings the Union in.  You tell the Union the demands you want negotiated into your contract.  You have the vote to ratify that contract.  You have the vote that decides if you go out on strike.  You have the vote that determines who you want as officers in your Local Union every three years.

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